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The Weeds formed in 1998 originally with a line up of Emily singing, Efrain "Gato" Zagarra playing Saxophone and Jeff Monjack playing the guitar. Before turning into ensemble21, a more drum sample driven concept, the music had more of a sad and sparse jazz tone to it. Efra wrote the music of some of the songs and Bernardo took band photos of the three of them walking around on Chestnut Street trying to look tough. Later Emily learned to play guitar and sing at the same time and not stand completely still on stage like a frozen person with some soft sounds coming out from somewhere and the other band members got busy with paying gigs and so she played alone all around Philadelphia in front of brawling crowds losing little by little the scary stage monsters from before.

One day she met the mostly happy and non-neurotic drummer Robert C. Wolter whom she calls Bobby (he requests not to be called by his real name Sunday Livingston) who said, hey I'll play drums with you if you want. this sound is like a beautiful garage mess with feeling. Also one day Emily met the tirelessly talented Devin Greenwood in a basement called Club Nostradamus where a bunch of freaked out and sensitive songwriters were dancing to "Sir Duke" over and over and over to chase the blues away. They met again one day in Rittenhouse Square during a snowy day and had the exact same feeling about a certain piece of ice that maybe it was an alien craft of some sort and so it seemed to make sense to make an album together. One and a half long and stormy years later, an album was completed. Secretly named by Emily, the faraway flying of broken beating.

When finally in 2016 turning into ensemble21 as a drum and bass band, the collective turns into a new direction. When watching a drum performance on the Grammy Awards of 2015 it finally hits the band director. The future is electronic music; using sequencers and the best Hip Hop drum samples available. The started rehearsing again and a new fire was ignited. For the first time they did not have spent 30 minutes each time tuning all their instruments. It was plug and play! Hit the road and getting the show started. With influences such as Rodney Jerkins, who uses the Akai MPC 4000 extensively, they embarked on a quest of finding their new free drum sounds.

With a new evolution in their sound they feel ready to take over the world and nothing is standing in their way. With a musical range consisting of the Blues, Hip Hop and Drum & Bass it is a natural effect that their shows are dynamic, energetic and surprising to all new listeners. Even their die-hard cult-like following is always pleased coming to their shows. What will the future bring next? An epic new drum sample release on Soundcloud? Three separate music videos like the Beyoncé concept. Or just a few more years of finding the best free drum samples out there. Only time will tell. Thank you for reading!

the weeds